Well, now in Ireland we are not going to be able to work at least two more weeks, but honestly, I don’t want to expect anything about when we are going to be back in the shop. It looks that we will have to wait to see all of you again… In Spain (where I’m from) looks like the tattoo studios are going to come back to work again next week, will see how it works in there, and if we got the same here.

Anyway, I’m working pretty hard these days at home, painting, studying, working on this website, and studying a lot and training, trying to keep myself busy.

Special thanks to everybody who’s buying some of my prints, originals, or T-shirts, giving to me support during this massive worldwide lockdown. I will try to send every order as soon as possible !

At Smiley Dogg, we did a “Waiting list”, when this situation it’s over, and everything returns to “ordinary life” offer you as always our best help and service. Stay stunned for it!

You can keep in touch with us via Instagram, email, or Facebook. If you have some questions, feel free to ask whatever you want (as some people that still sending to me some tattoo inquiries, quotes, information etc).

By the way, do you want me to do some special offers on the shop? I’m opened to hear your suggestions or ideas 😉

Looking forward to do the guest spots that were already confirmed (Dublin, Giessen, Valencia, Barcelona, Madrid…) and, the same with the tattoo conventions, but that is going to be more difficult because the amount of people in there.

Thank you for your time!

PS: So sorry if my English is not good enough to write and to express my feelings and thoughts 🙂