Tattoo FAQ

Do you have an hourly rate / minimum price?

Smaller pieces are charged by the piece and I have a minimum price of €80 for tattoos. Larger pieces or multiple sessions require a consultation. Please note, it’s impossible to give you a cost by phone. Once pictures of your idea along with a rough size are provided through the website, I can then give a rough estimate of the cost. I always recommend coming into the studio to discuss your ideas in person in order to give a more accurate quote.

How do I book a consultation?

The best way to book is by calling into the shop or by contacting me through this website. That way, I can obtain all the details and discuss further, in order to provide accurate information.

Please ensure you provide the following for both in-person and email consultations:

  • Pictures of reference found online similar to that of your idea.
  • Pictures of any alternative objects you wish to include in your tattoo.
  • If you have designed your own tattoo, include your sketch for reference.
  • You will need to tell me the approximate size you envision for your tattoo, it’s preferred location and whether you want black and grey or with colour.
  • You will also need to include a short description of your tattoo in writing.

We´ll discuss and find the best outcome in order to confirm your consultation!

How do I book my appointment?

There are numerous ways to book your appointment:

  • You can contact me through this website.
  • You can call into the Smiley Dogg shop and have a chat with me.

Once you get in touch, I will personally guide you through the steps.

Can I see the design for my tattoo before my appointment?

In a perfect world I would happily accommodate this request, but showing drawings to all of my clients weeks to even days before just isn’t realistic. All drawings are shown the day of the appointment. I ensure to allow enough time during each appointment to go over any questions or changes. Whether major or minor, I don’t start tattooing until you’re 100% happy with the design.

Is there an option to get a cover up?

Yes, I can provide cover ups. Most tattoos can be covered or rectified. The best way to determine this is to pop into the Smiley Dogg shop so I can take a look at your old tattoo. Only then can I advise if it’s possible to cover your existing tattoo. For more info please get in touch.

Is there an age limit?

Yes. The age limit is fixed at 18 years of age.

If you are under the age limit but over 16 years of age, you are permitted to get a tattoo in the shop provided you have the consent of your parent or legal guardian. They will need to accompany you to the shop to make an appointment and will be asked to sign a consent form. Once this has been signed, they are no longer required to accompany you to the shop once your appointment has been confirmed.

Have you any tips to help me prepare for my tattoo?

  • In the weeks leading up to your appointment please ensure you drink lots of water to keep your skin hydrated.
  • At least two weeks prior to your appointment begin to moisturise your skin daily. Remember – the better the condition of your skin, the better the result of your tattoo!
  • I recommend ensuring you have a full day booked off work as your tattoo can take as long as the artist requires, to ensure the final result is perfect.
  • It is recommended to wear loose and comfortable clothing as sometimes you could be seated for long periods of time which you may find uncomfortable. It also makes my work that little bit more difficult if your clothes are restrictive.
  • Ensure you bring your appointment card with you on the day of your tattoo.
  • If you are booked for a full session, come prepared for small breaks for food.
  • Do not come to your tattoo session drunk or hungover. You should be well rested and in a fit position to undertake the session.
  • I recommend to take extra care of personal hygiene prior to attending your session.

Do you operate a walk-in service?

Yes. Walk-in’s will depend on my availability therefore will change daily on a week by week basis.

The best way to confirm walk-in availability is to contact me via this website. Coming directly to the shop will not always guarantee I have walk-in availability for you.

Does it hurt getting a tattoo?

My honest opinion would be – Yes! Of course, there are areas which will hurt more than others but this will also depend on the persons pain threshold. Each persons experience with pain is different so unfortunately I cannot measure accurately.

Is it possible to get a tattoo when pregnant?

I do not recommend getting a tattoo if you are pregnant as it could put your baby at risk.

If it is still your wish to proceed knowing you are pregnant, I won’t refuse however please note it’s not my recommendation.

Where is Smiley Dogg Tattoo located?

Smiley Dogg Tattoo is located in the heart of the Old Quarter on North Main Street in Cork City. Link to our location found here: Smiley Dogg Tattoo.

How much will a tattoo cost?

Unfortunately it’s impossible to give an exact cost as there are many factors involved in the pricing structure. Until I assess your tattoo needs, and take you through the consultation process, only then can I start to determine a rough estimate price. While my rates are reasonable according to industry standards, I am by no means a cheap artist. I can’t promise you the lowest price but I can promise you the highest quality and customer care.


Tattooer & Illustrator based in Cork IRE from Valencia ES.

83 North Main Street, Cork City, County Cork, Ireland.